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totem-xine: A GTK2 front-end for xine-lib.

Version:2.18.0 License:GPL
Release:1.lvn7 URL:
Totem is simple movie player for GNOME desktops. It features a simple playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation system. This package is linked against xine-lib unlike Fedora Core totem package, which is linked against gstreamer

Arch: ppc

Build Date:Sun Mar 25 07:51:54 2007 <>
Size:5.39 MiB


* Sun Mar 18 23:00:00 2007 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora[AT]> - 2.18.0-1
- Updated to 2.18.0
- Split plparser into it's own subpacakge, just as Fedora does
- disable scrollkeeper, just as Fedora does
- run ldconfig on post/postun
* Sat Jan 27 23:00:00 2007 Dams <anvil[AT]> - 2.16.4-1
- Updated to 2.16.4
* Thu Nov 2 23:00:00 2006 Thorsten Leemhuis <feodra[AT]> - 2.16.1-4
- Rename plugin package to totem-xine-mozplugin (vs. totem-xine-mozplugin
  from core)
- Explcit conflict in totem-xine-mozplugin with totem-mozplugin
- Remove Obsoletes on totem-mozplugin as it conflicts with Core (#1211)

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